Changes in Latitudes

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Harry Potter


Home Improvement SS/RL (NC-17)
Remus Lupin wants to renovate Grimmauld Place, but the going gets tough when the house fights back. Severus agrees to help -- for a price.
24,000 words.

 Fiat Lux SS/SB (NC-17)
Severus Snape dies. To his surprise, it's not quite the end he imagined. Only in death does he discover that it's never too late to live a happy life.
29,000 words.

  Clause And Effect SS/HP (PG)
Harry convinces a reluctant Severus to help him get ready for Christmas. 7,000

In Portuguese, translated by Ptyx: Cláusula e Efeito

  A Friend Indeed SS/HP (G)
Young Severus finds a friend. Written for regan_v's Fluffy Snape Crack!Fic Challenge. 1,250 words. likeaglass wrote the equally cracked-out sequel, The Boy with Butterfly Wings (NC-17), in honor of Snape and Harry's First Time. 1,300 words.

  A Taste Of Pleasure Severus Snape (G)
Severus receives an unexpected gift.
870 words.

  Eyes Wide Open HP/DT, HP/RW, Harry/Ron/Hermione (NC-17)
Harry finally learns what he wants, and who he needs it from.
9,400 words.

  Eat This, You'll Feel Better Albus Dumbledore (G)
Response to scribbulus_ink's Candy Is Dandy Challenge: AD and Chocolate Frogs.
960 words.

  Back In Black SS/SB (NC-17)
Sirius Black is back from the dead. He's not alone.
320k/57,000 words.
Warning: MPREG.

Due South

  Surface F/K  (NC-17)
Fraser wants something bad. Ray finds out what that is. 59k.

  Into the Wild F/K  (NC-17)
Handcuffs: they're not just for miscreants anymore. 35k.

  Line of Sight Fraser/Smithbauer  (NC-17)
What if a Fraser falls in Chicago and no one there can see him? 65k.

Cover by AuKestrel
Warning: underage sexual content

  Punch (written with Purna): F/K  (NC-17) .
It's all Turnbull's fault. 13k

  Oasis (written with Purna): F/K  (NC-17)
Fraser has a tough day. Ray takes him to the movies. 48k.

  What You Ask For  F/V, V/O  (NC17)
Sometimes a man needs to be specific. 85k
Cover by Acamar

  Genesis  F/K  AU  (NC17)
In the beginning, Ray Kowalski meets Benton Fraser in Hawaii. 320k
Cover by Twistedchick

  Lucky F/K (G)
Our Heroes transport a prisoner. The return trip goes awry. 6k

  Light F/K (NC-17)
Good things happen in the dark. 8k

  Cold Snap F/K (G)
Vecchio's marriage to Stella is the last thing Ray cares about. 12k

  Using Ray F/K (NC-17)
Fraser knows what he wants. 7k

  Dining Out F/K (NC-17)
Ray decides to impart to Fraser the finer points of getting some. 80k

  Fit To Be Tied F/K (NC-17)
What really happened after A Likely Story. 27k


  Leaning and Falling  (NC-17)
Jim and Blair find that a vacation in Florida takes them farther than they thought it would. 90k.

  Cure (G)
Pain relief comes in many forms. 8k.

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